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Our Story

The day began like any other. Kisses goodbye, eating breakfast and then, a phone call. “My car engine exploded and I need you to come get me.” Word of advice to husbands: use the word explosion with caution. I quickly grabbed my keys from the hook by the door and with a lot of jangling,… Continue reading Our Story


Walking, Not Running

My fondest memories begin with a walk. My mother is a walker through and through. I think I inherited my deep love affair with long walks from her. My short legs couldn’t keep up with her as a child so I used to ride my bike to keep up; long, wild hair poking out of… Continue reading Walking, Not Running

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40 days doesn’t seem like a long time unless you are giving something up. I was a newcomer to Lent. The word was familiar, but the biggest association I had with it was selling a lot of fish sandwiches at Arby’s (high school job) during this season. That didn’t give me a lot of perspective… Continue reading Quiet

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Love Notes

I knew what the mail truck sounded like growing up. The familiar sound of that small, magical truck starting and stopping at each mailbox and the ‘thwack’ of the red flag going back into its resting position. My room faced the mailbox so at the faintest hint of those sounds I could peek out my window to… Continue reading Love Notes

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From Dread to Delight

Mr. Engineer and I were chatting about our day in between bites of a new cilantro pesto chicken salad recipe I made for dinner. It’s fun to try out new recipes on him because he will eat just about anything. He is a wonderful combination of easy-to-please and adventurous. Verdict: I will make this chicken salad… Continue reading From Dread to Delight