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Healthy Heaping of Love

During the Olympics, Mr. Engineer and I spent many evenings hibernating at home catching all the prime time sports we could. There was something super exhilarating about cheering on Team USA together. The fact that it only comes around every four years makes it an epic treat to be savored. We bite our nails during… Continue reading Healthy Heaping of Love

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Long Distance Lovers

My dating relationship with Mr. Engineer had its ups and downs.


Salty, But Sweet

I don’t usually enjoy moving and unpacking, but I actually found great joy in the process when I moved in with Mr. Engineer after we were married. The sweetness of finally living in the same town, let alone the same apartment, surrounded me. His couch met my blanket, our shoes nestled up against one another,… Continue reading Salty, But Sweet

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Woo Me with Words

When Mr. Engineer and I start talking there is no way of knowing where it will go. It’s one of the things that I have enjoyed from the very beginning of our relationship. Anyone who knows me well knows that I enjoy a good conversation. It’s how I connect with people and how I learn what makes… Continue reading Woo Me with Words


Marshmallows & Marriage

Recently Mr. Engineer and I went on a  weekend camping adventure to the mountains. Mr. Engineer is used to going backpacking alone, sleeping under the stars, and doing his business in the woods. My idea of “roughing it” includes modern plumbing (a.k.a a toilet that flushes) and an air mattress to sleep on. I could… Continue reading Marshmallows & Marriage