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Healthy Heaping of Love

During the Olympics, Mr. Engineer and I spent many evenings hibernating at home catching all the prime time sports we could. There was something super exhilarating about cheering on Team USA together. The fact that it only comes around every four years makes it an epic treat to be savored. We bite our nails during… Continue reading Healthy Heaping of Love

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Long Distance Lovers

My dating relationship with Mr. Engineer had its ups and downs.

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Love Notes

I knew what the mail truck sounded like growing up. The familiar sound of that small, magical truck starting and stopping at each mailbox and the ‘thwack’ of the red flag going back into its resting position. My room faced the mailbox so at the faintest hint of those sounds I could peek out my window to… Continue reading Love Notes


How We Met…

I’ve always had a love for writing and expressing myself. I started writing in a diary (with one of those fancy locks to keep brothers out) when I was nine. Something about a pen to paper is like therapy for me. Getting all of my thoughts down on paper helps me think through my never-ending thoughts.… Continue reading How We Met…