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Breaking up with Back Pain

All I could hear were leaves crunching beneath my hiking books as we made our way around another curve of the trail. Leaves were falling, adding to the ocean of burnt red and orange. There wasn’t another soul on the trail besides Mr. Engineer and I; perhaps the wildfires burning nearby had scared all the… Continue reading Breaking up with Back Pain

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Our Story

The day began like any other. Kisses goodbye, eating breakfast and then, a phone call. “My car engine exploded and I need you to come get me.” Word of advice to husbands: use the word explosion with caution. I quickly grabbed my keys from the hook by the door and with a lot of jangling,… Continue reading Our Story

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The Monkey Bars of Life

My mom sent me a message last week that made me smile. “How’s your week going? You’ve been quiet.” Oh, how my people know me well. When I am quiet – there is usually a problem. I think Mr. Engineer craves and fears the silence simultaneously. Sort of like, “Thank you Lord for the peace and… Continue reading The Monkey Bars of Life

Letting Go

Lessons in Letting Go – Part 2

A few nights ago I faced choosing surrender or misery. Remember my last post about the topic of letting go? Here is another example for you! I embarked on a classically planned “Sierra Project”. These usually begin with, “I saw this awesome thing on Pinterest and I think I can do it”. I have wanted to make… Continue reading Lessons in Letting Go – Part 2

Letting Go

Lessons in Letting Go-Part 1

As a former nanny, I have experienced many potty training adventures, but nothing could top what I witnessed the other night at my best friend’s house. Her little boy recently turned two years old (how did he get so big?!?) and he has begun the journey of big boy undies, potty chairs, and a new-found… Continue reading Lessons in Letting Go-Part 1