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The First Wild Weeks: Pregnancy

the first wild weeks-

It was an unusually warm January day – one of the things that I love about living in Georgia. Our winter is barely winter and for this girl who loves sunshine, it works just fine for me. Friends of ours invited us to hike with them that afternoon and we were eager to join them on the trail to take advantage of the perfect day. The guys and their puppy blazed the trail ahead as my friend and I took a slower pace. She is expecting her first little one this year so we talked babies and motherhood and all the things. I was enjoying the slower pace as I had been feeling more tired than normal. This friend was the only one who knew our secret: that we were trying to begin a family. The hike was beautiful and it was so good to have fellowship and share life.

Little did I know, I too was growing a human.

The day after our hiking adventure, I had this sneaking suspicion. Mr. Engineer did as well. And a test confirmed that our life was about to change in wild ways. I remember Mr. Engineer couldn’t stop laughing and smiling and I could see the daddy in him already.

The first two weeks after we found out were so sweet. We didn’t tell a soul. We savored the news and had long talks about life with a little one.

Our announcement 🙂 No, it is not permanent.

And then the puking began. I thought pregnancy would be so easy breezy. I don’t know why, other than I don’t remember any of my friends talking about horrible morning sickness. It hit me, and it hit me hard.

I puked as soon as I opened my eyes every morning. And if not then, shortly thereafter. Everything smelled horrible. I could barely open the refrigerator. I lost my taste for basically everything but fruit. And the exhaustion was on a whole other level than I have ever experienced. My life became, throwing up, surviving work, going home and trying to eat something before falling into bed. My days off were spent on the couch wishing I had energy to do anything, even laundry, but mostly I just ended up laying on the couch watching endless episodes of Frasier on Netflix. I wouldn’t be surprised if our child has a bent for psychology after how much of that show I watched.

It was survival mode for sure. Mr. Engineer did everything. He cooked, cleaned and didn’t complain about the endless trips to Publix trying to satisfy my most recent food fetish. I’ve always known Mr. Engineer loved me, but he took it to the next level. You know someone loves you when they hold your hair back to hurl and then clean it up.

I hope this isn’t too graphic, but this was my life for several weeks. Just keeping it real y’all. The thing that helped me most through these hard weeks was Jesus and looking at pictures of cute babies and remembering that it will all be worth it to cuddle with our little one when they arrive.

The day I threw up 5 times I decided it was time to take some medicine for the nausea. That was my saving grace. It took the edge off and I only threw up a few times after taking that. If you know me at all, I don’t like to take medicine. I’m even wary to take Tylenol. But I also hate throwing up more than almost anything so this seemed like the best plan.

I’m thankful that while it was still cold and getting dark earlier – that was the time I was most sick. It was a good time for sleeping, blankets and lots of ice cream (lactose free) and snuggles on the couch. P.S. if you are ever experiencing morning sickness and you can’t keep anything else down, ice cream was the one thing I could eat and not throw up. Plus who doesn’t want an excuse to eat this magical potion??!

And now it is spring and I am 17 weeks. I love coming into my second trimester in the spring time. It matches my mood. I’m eating like a normal human being once again, I have more energy, I have a bump, and I’m only taking half the dose of my nausea medication.

In case you’re curious:

Weird symptoms: I was super cold the first few weeks and had a few dizzy moments.
Gender: We’re going old-school and letting it be a surprise!
Weirdest craving: smoothies (only because I don’t like smoothies normally).
Sweetest thing: When Mr. Engineer talks to little one.


We’re excited to go on this wild ride of pregnancy and parenthood. We are counting down the days until we meet our little one. Thank you for sharing in the joy of our journey.

What are your wildest first trimester memories? Share them below!


2 thoughts on “The First Wild Weeks: Pregnancy

  1. Thanks for sharing. So excited for you two! I didn’t throw up with my twins, but definitely had a hard time eating. Think I only ate avocados and Greek yogurt for several months! With Shay morning sickness was worse. I had to constantly sip water to keep from throwing up. Also remember before I knew I was pregnant it was Halloween and I ate a HUGE bowl of pumpkin seeds I roasted…I couldn’t stop eating them!!!

    1. It’s so funny how I’ve heard it’s different with each pregnancy. One week I wanted egg salad for every meal which is so strange because it kind of stinks! But ya just gotta go with it 🙂

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