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From Dread to Delight

Mr. Engineer and I were chatting about our day in between bites of a new cilantro pesto chicken salad recipe I made for dinner. It’s fun to try out new recipes on him because he will eat just about anything. He is a wonderful combination of easy-to-please and adventurous. Verdict: I will make this chicken salad recipe again.

As we downloaded our days to one another, I shared with him how the day had gone smoothly, even though I had been dreading it. It had gone better than I ever would have expected. I was honestly shocked by how God worked everything out even down to the nitty gritty details that I was losing sleep over.

I found myself laughing through the conversation because this has happened countless times. I wish I would stop being so surprised when God proves himself faithful. He shouldn’t have to “prove” Himself to me because it’s just His way. It’s nothing new. But fear tells me otherwise.

Mr. Engineer knows my love for journaling so he mentioned how I should create a journal entry titled, “Times God Came Through on Things I was Stressed About”. I married a smart man. I believe our thoughts and words have power, and I think focusing on all the ways that God has seen me through, even when I thought the odds were stacked against me is a life changing practice. This is something I can look back on whenever I get sweaty palms, can’t sleep, racing thoughts, chest-tightening…STRESS. And who couldn’t use less stress?!


  • The time that Mr. Engineer moved to West Virginia…6 hours from me…we almost broke up, but now we are MARRIED.
  • When I thought that I wasn’t smart enough for college and I was always worried about my grades, but I GRADUATED with honors.
  • That time I wrote my phone number wrong on my resume and sent it out to 20 employers and despite that, I got my DREAM JOB.
  • I didn’t know how I would go to college full time, work part time and plan a wedding, but with lots of help from people who love me and a God who sustains me, I DID.
  • I thought moving far away from friends and family and all that was familiar would be too hard for me, but now I look back and have such fond MEMORIES.
  • I thought a short term mission trip was too scary, but it turned out be LIFE CHANGING in the best way possible.
  • I thought I would have ITP (an autoimmune disorder) for the rest of my life, but I’m HEALED. *read about that here
  • I thought I would fail Chemistry for sure. It was going to be the death of my high school career, but I PASSED.
  • Packing up and moving is something I dread beyond words, but I’ve LOVED every place we’ve ever gotten the opportunity to live.
  • Living in a college dorm was not my favorite, but I made the BEST FOREVER FRIENDS living in a college dorm.
  • I couldn’t master parallel parking, but I have my DRIVER’S LICENSE. (Don’t worry – I’m a great driver. Just a terrible parallel parker.)
  • I almost didn’t take my dream job because the numbers didn’t make sense, but we have everything we need and MORE.

This list doesn’t come close to telling you all the times I have stressed over something that wasn’t worth stressing over. I could probably fill a book with all the everyday worries, but He has never left my side through any of them. Even when my prayers were shallow or I forgot to pray; Even when I was angry at my circumstances. He has taken all of these struggles and things that I thought were utterly insurmountable and He has made something beautiful and strong from them. I don’t mean that I am strong physically or mentally – because I’m not. I still worry – but He is building my faith into something stronger each day.

What about you my lovely readers? Do you have a list of God’s faithfulness demonstrated in your life to look back on when things look scary or uncertain?


3 thoughts on “From Dread to Delight

  1. God is teaching me something similar! With my One Word being RECEIVE… I am learning to accept the things that don’t go according to plan and trust that He has something even better in mind. So many examples of this! Just this week we were heading to CA for a wedding. Got all the way to the airport only to discover that our flight had no crew. That meant missing our connecting flight to CA. hat could have been a very frustrating moment… I chose to see it as a gift. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner out since our cupboards were bare in anticipation of being gone, relaxed and watched a movie and the next morning we left at a leisurely pace and were given first class seats for our trouble. It all worked out and was actually more relaxed than our original plan! 🙂

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