Money on My Mind

Mr. Engineer and I began 2016 with some major excitement. Are you ready for this?

numbers-money-calculating-calculationWE DISCUSSED OUR BUDGET.

I know you’re all bouncing up and down in your seats and tingling all over with excitement. We sat down with our budgeting software, some spreadsheets (courtesy of Mr. Engineer) and my parents to discuss our goals for the year. There always seems to be one little teensy snag that we run into when it comes to discussing our budget.


I don’t enjoy talking about money or thinking in depth about our finances. To be honest, it makes me want to cry. We’ve always been pretty good about staying within a budget and being thrifty; however, in the past I have let my good-with-numbers hubby take the lead in our finances; However, a few month ago we began to meet once a month to check-in with our budget and we are continuing this habit into 2016.

Money is hard for me because it’s so black and white. It seems too big to figure out, especially when there is not much wiggle room. I prefer a one thing at a time approach so seeing a long term budget plan automatically shuts me down.

It is hard to see how our dreams and desires are matching up with our goals and the reality of our financial situation.

My parents reminded us that we can make long term financial plans, but ultimately God is in control. They shared numerous stores stories of God’s faithfulness in their own life. How He always provided at the exact moment they needed something, and not a moment before. These stories came seasoned with the joy and the understanding of people who have walked in uncertainty and experienced God’s love and faithfulness. Aren’t parents great?

After that conversation, something shifted in my mind.

And I’m in love with the way that God has illustrated this idea daily in a visual way at my job as floor manager of Seeds Thrift Store.

I don’t work for big company like Target or Walmart who keeps track of what they sell each day and then strategically restocks their shelves based on the needs of their customers. Where I work, one day we will get 2 grocery bags donated and the next day we have 85 bins full of anything and everything. It’s random and messy, but it’s also beautiful. God stocks our store.

He knows the needs and desires of His children – like when I stick a price tag on an item and not five minutes later a customer walks in saying that item is exactly what they were looking for. It never seems to fail that when we sell an item like a big couch, not long after that, another one gets donated and fills that empty space. In my excitement, I could jump up and down laughing, but that might scare the customers (I’m doing a happy dance on the inside). We don’t know what will be donated next or how much, but I do know it will be for good.

God keeps showing me in simple ways that He cares for me and wants to bless me. A 50% off coupon from the lady standing behind me in Michaels. Free clothes from a clothing swap. An understanding and kind landlord. He doesn’t give me everything thing I want, but oh how He gives me what I need; and joy. He also gives me peace in knowing that we don’t actually have to have the rest of our life figured out. I’m pressing into Him and what He is doing with us. One. Day. At. A. Time.


4 thoughts on “Money on My Mind

  1. I love how God reveals Himself in mundane ways that powerfully hit home and bring to life His care and concern for our lives – even in our budget! So glad you have have eyes to see that!

  2. Your courage in sharing your fear is inspiring. I plan to share it with some folks. Money as black and white without “wiggle room”…well, that makes sense that creative people would have some hesitation. Though I’m more of the black & white when it comes to money, I appreciate the insight you’ve bravely shared. Perhaps others, who live with the fear of being limited will appreciate the joy of being provided for. Thanks Sierra for sharing

    1. Thank you for your encrouagement! I must admit I had some hesitation in sharing this particular post. Feels pretty vulnerable, but I do because I always hope I can encourage someone else. It is a joy when God provides and He always does 🙂 thanks for stopping by my blog!

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