Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: Time

“It’s hereditary,” she said. I sat with a wiggly baby girl on my lap speaking with our new pediatrician about how long it takes that wiggly girl to eat finger foods. And I had to laugh at her statement. That very morning I had noticed that while I was about to finish my last few… Continue reading Simplifying Series: Time

Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: The Gospel

A capsule wardrobe. An uncluttered pantry. Easy days. This is what I imagined when God gave me the word, “simplify”, for this year. I thought getting rid of things would bring me peace and freedom. This, I could easily control and manage, and voila – I’d be living the Real Simple Magazine life. That should… Continue reading Simplifying Series: The Gospel

Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: My Focus

A friend asked me, “what are you up to?” the other day and before I could really think through my answer I said, “I’m taking care of my people right now.” It felt good and it felt right when I said it out loud. Most obviously, my people are Mr. Engineer and baby girl, but… Continue reading Simplifying Series: My Focus


My Real Life Miracle in the Costco Parking Lot

I noticed it for the first time on a morning walk. I pushed the stroller, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and my baby girl babbling, but something was different. I rubbed the skin on my index finger where it bends. It felt like a tiny piece of gravel stuck under my skin. It was slightly… Continue reading My Real Life Miracle in the Costco Parking Lot

Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: Social Media

During lent, I chose to take a vacation from social media. I love Instagram. Facebook can be useful; however I felt as though these things were taking up too much of my time and attention so I welcomed the excuse to take a break. Mr. Engineer joined me as well and committed to not using… Continue reading Simplifying Series: Social Media


My Birth Story

I had a vision for childbirth. During my pregnancy I prayed that I would have a deep encounter with God through my labor and delivery. Little did I know that this would happen, but in a completely different way than I had imagined. I had been experiencing contractions on and off the entire weekend before little… Continue reading My Birth Story

Time with God

Quiet Time Re-Imagined

I am unsure how to enter back into the writing world as everything feels different now. All the things I’ve ever heard about motherhood all make sense. It’s like I have new eyes for all things. At this moment, I couldn’t even begin to sum up what bringing our little one into the world was… Continue reading Quiet Time Re-Imagined