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My Tips to Read More & What I’ve Read in 2022

It was so early in the morning that it was still dark and my eyes wanted to be closed, but a little munchkin in dinosaur pajamas and enthusiasm not fitting the early hour had other plans in mind. Sometimes I wonder if he wakes up early just so he gets alone time with mama without… Continue reading My Tips to Read More & What I’ve Read in 2022

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Kids Changed Me…And That’s a Good Thing

I was reading labels at the grocery store and listening to Sweet P’s adorably endless chatter when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Bubba’s sweet, chubby fingers (that seem like they could do no wrong) swiping three glass bottles off the shelf, crashing onto the floor where brown liquid of some… Continue reading Kids Changed Me…And That’s a Good Thing

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Our Little Church

I had never won anything before. But that night, at a truck stop, with the only light coming from large light poles where I sat nursing a baby boy who hated car rides more than anything, I noticed a notification on my phone. I read a message saying I had won a contest that I… Continue reading Our Little Church


Unicorns are Beautiful

Something keeps catching my eye everywhere I go these days. I am mystified by them. Unicorns. I would ignore them except for the fact that I have a four-year-old daughter who is infatuated with these mythical creatures. So everywhere we go, she gasps in delight and shouts exclamations of adoration for all the unicorns. Unicorn… Continue reading Unicorns are Beautiful

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Why Moms Need Silence

My mom never let us listen to music in the car. The radio was never on. A cd was never playing. I always looked forward to riding in the car with my dad because he would put some tunes on. When I got my driver’s license, my parents didn’t allow music for the first year… Continue reading Why Moms Need Silence


My Best Parenting Advice

I’m barely three years deep into parenthood so I’ll go ahead and preface this post with: I don’t know much. I’m still trying to figure out why babies always poop right after you put them in a clean diaper. I still can’t figure out how to carry the baby car-seat without nearly breaking my back.… Continue reading My Best Parenting Advice

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Life with Bubba

It didn’t take long after Bubba was born to realize that something was not right. Once we moved past the first two weeks of constant sleeping, there was precious little sleep for mama and baby. I knew bringing home a second baby would be challenging, but I didn’t anticipate it being quite so rough.  My… Continue reading Life with Bubba


Can Hiking be Fun with Kids?

I fell in love with Mr. Engineer during a simple picnic of sub sandwiches on the edge of the lake. We had the “define the relationship” conversation after a hike, nervously sitting, boots touching, on a rock alongside this same lake. During our long distance dating, Mr. Engineer came to visit me on the weekends,… Continue reading Can Hiking be Fun with Kids?

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Finding Beauty in Bodily Fluids

“I’m peeing! I’m peeing!” We’ve recently started potty training for the second time. And it’s going mostly well, but this day Sweet P was very engrossed in her imaginary play that was taking over the brain space that reminds her to run to the potty. As she trailed pee soaked footprints across the dining room… Continue reading Finding Beauty in Bodily Fluids

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My VBAC Birth Story

“We need to go ahead and look at scheduling your C-section for Monday morning.” I knew I couldn’t have heard this woman right as I sat with my feet dangling off of the examination table with paper crinkling beneath me. These words instantly took me back to my daughter’s traumatic c-section delivery – my arms… Continue reading My VBAC Birth Story