My Tricky Picky Eater

I have been on a food journey for the last ten years, learning what works for my body and what doesn’t and educating myself on traditional ways of preparing foods for optimum health. I couldn’t wait to begin feeding our little girl solid foods when she turned six months old. I had read books and… Continue reading My Tricky Picky Eater


A Reluctant Enneagram One

I ignored the Enneagram for as long as I could. It wasn’t that I was against personality tests or “typing” myself, because I actually adore them. I appreciate individualism so much that sometimes if I see a thing that “everyone” is doing – I reject it solely for that reason. Not very mature, but the… Continue reading A Reluctant Enneagram One

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A Struggle & A Gift: Insomnia

Around 3 AM I heard crying coming from my daughter’s room. I heard it right away because I was still awake. My eyes were burning, from fatigue, but also from crying. I had been praying for relief from insomnia that was robbing me of rest. I pushed myself up and padded softly to her room,… Continue reading A Struggle & A Gift: Insomnia


3 Ways I’m Learning to Rest

I heard not long ago that anything done in a hurry, cannot be done in love. That has stuck with me ever since I heard it. I don’t want to be known for a completed to-do list. I want to be known as loving. I want to pause and hear you, really hear you. I… Continue reading 3 Ways I’m Learning to Rest


Dear New Mama

I’m convinced there is no other transition quite like the transition to become a mother. I have written myself a letter to tell myself what I wish I would have known as a brand new mama leaving the hospital a little over a year ago. Normally I do not condone reading other people’s mail, but… Continue reading Dear New Mama

Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: Time

“It’s hereditary,” she said. I sat with a wiggly baby girl on my lap speaking with our new pediatrician about how long it takes that wiggly girl to eat finger foods. And I had to laugh at her statement. That very morning I had noticed that while I was about to finish my last few… Continue reading Simplifying Series: Time

Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: The Gospel

A capsule wardrobe. An uncluttered pantry. Easy days. This is what I imagined when God gave me the word, “simplify”, for this year. I thought getting rid of things would bring me peace and freedom. This, I could easily control and manage, and voila – I’d be living the Real Simple Magazine life. That should… Continue reading Simplifying Series: The Gospel