Simplifying Series

Simplifying Series: Social Media

During lent, I chose to take a vacation from social media. I love Instagram. Facebook can be useful; however I felt as though these things were taking up too much of my time and attention so I welcomed the excuse to take a break. Mr. Engineer joined me as well and committed to not using… Continue reading Simplifying Series: Social Media


My Birth Story

I had a vision for childbirth. During my pregnancy I prayed that I would have a deep encounter with God through my labor and delivery. Little did I know that this would happen, but in a completely different way than I had imagined. I had been experiencing contractions on and off the entire weekend before little… Continue reading My Birth Story

Time with God

Quiet Time Re-Imagined

I am unsure how to enter back into the writing world as everything feels different now. All the things I’ve ever heard about motherhood all make sense. It’s like I have new eyes for all things. At this moment, I couldn’t even begin to sum up what bringing our little one into the world was… Continue reading Quiet Time Re-Imagined

family · Tradition

All About Apples & Tradition

When Mr. Engineer and I moved back to Georgia after living in South Florida, we fully embraced the change of seasons since they didn’t really exist during our short and sweet time in South Florida. Even though I am a beach bum at heart and love warm weather and salt air, there was something strange… Continue reading All About Apples & Tradition


The Last Wild Weeks: Pregnancy

  Every woman experiences pregnancy differently and I’ve found it fascinating (sometimes scary) to hear all the different perspectives. For me, my final trimester has awakened in me this strong desire to wash everything. Somehow it seems that everything our child touches should be thrown in the washer first. I find an enormous amount of… Continue reading The Last Wild Weeks: Pregnancy

Change · Pregnancy

The First Wild Weeks: Pregnancy

It was an unusually warm January day – one of the things that I love about living in Georgia. Our winter is barely winter and for this girl who loves sunshine, it works just fine for me. Friends of ours invited us to hike with them that afternoon and we were eager to join them… Continue reading The First Wild Weeks: Pregnancy


Our Favorite Way to Begin a New Year

Glitzy dresses and fabulous stilettos. Bubbling champagne and fireworks. A magical kiss as the clock strikes midnight. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’ve never experienced a New Year’s Eve like that. I ain’t that fancy. That is what you usually see on television or in the movies, setting the bar pretty dang high for someone who likes… Continue reading Our Favorite Way to Begin a New Year